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#MumbaiEats This women in Mumbai is creating art with every cake she bakes and is a trendsetter for Sushi Cakes – JB’S Relish-ious

#MumbaiEats This women in Mumbai is creating art with every cake she bakes and is a trendsetter for Sushi Cakes – JB’S Relish-ious

Mumbai aka Bombay is full of food, people who love eat and then food entrepreneurs who love to cook. While not all of us are skilled at cooking or baking, we’re lucky enough to live in a city where many people are. Name it and we have it all, Cake shops, dessert bars, patisseries, chocolatiers and bake shops, cafes, and tons and tons of Home Bakers!!! But there’s something special about these small business owners and Home bakers (makers too) . They are just a little more close to our heart than the others. Very recently we came across something called a ‘Sushi cake’!? Here’s what you need to know : 

How it all started

This supremely talented housewife and a part time baker, Jayshree Biyani lives in South  Bombay  and has been very passionate about baking and cooking very since. For this mother of 2, it all started from home with baking for loved ones and gradually here she is with her home owned business called JB’s Relish-ious. She has created a unique product that we’re big fans of which is her signature sushi cakes! She is self-taught baker and very passionate with her food – that’s when her friends strained her to start her own something. Sushi cakes (vegetarian) are one  of her own creation; while she bakes some delicious cakes let us tell you she’s even better with her savory dishes. We tried a bunch of things and there’s nothing we disliked honestly ! But we do have our favorites…

The never ending menu

Her specialty lies in, quite literally, bringing life to her desserts/savory dishes in the most creative way by making intricate, magical and jaw-dropping beautiful designs on her products.

Savoury treats : Mexican 4 layered dip Bhaji Al Fredo ;Mexican Barley Pilaf- Baked enchiladas; Italian Pani puri ;Basil Pesto basket ;Dhokla Chat; Paneer & Vegetables Tikka on skewers. Tofu – asparagus sushi cake; Blooming quesadilla; Khau suey; Laksa noodle soup;Thai noodle salad

Sushi cakes on the menu :  Avocado, asparagus, edamame seeds  with cream cheese (on availability of ripe avocado; Avocado, asparagus, edamame seeds  with mayo (on availability of ripe avocado); Mushroom & cream cheese; Basil pesto cream cheese, iceberg cucumber & sesame seeds. Basil pesto Mayo with Asparagus, iceberg & cucumber ; Bell peppers & spicy mayo;  Cucumber, carrot, avocado & spicy mayo . Thai flavour edamame & veg-  (Starts at INR 1350 and goes up till INR 2100 and has Jain** options too )

Desserts and healthy treats: Mango Quinoa Firni- ₹ 135 per cup , 1Kg Chocolate cake- ₹ 1000, 1Kg Seasonal Fruit cake- ₹ 1200; Individual Assorted Shaped Bites – Orange flavour with Choc ganache-₹ 55 each -Choc flavour with Choc ganache – ₹ 50 each  -seasonal fruit & cream topping- ₹ 60 each

The point is..

Jayshree is a new baby in the ocean and just started to swim. If you’re looking at someone who can make healthy cakes, savory dishes and still make them taste and look good then this is it. Her never ending menu focuses on a lot of different kind of stuff which makes it perfect for a gift, house parties or even if just celebrating a special day. We love her guilt free dishes and we can personally vouch for Jayshree’s gorgeous savory treats.  Trust us we have never seen something so good looking. Moving forward…The best part about her is her efforts she puts  in everything- her dishes are not only delicious but also very good looking and packaged perfectly for someone special.  And she does it all by herself without mentioning it.

To Order: 

She sells out of her home kitchen at Nepean Sea Rd in South Bombay and works on  pre orders only.  You can call or whats app her on 9320842633 to place your order.

Click here to check her Instagram profile.

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