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New Opening: 99 Pancakes in Kala Ghoda is the newest icon among dessert aficionados in SoBo and we have all the goss for you!

New Opening: 99 Pancakes in Kala Ghoda is the newest icon among dessert aficionados in SoBo and we have all the goss for you!

Is there anything better in life than pancakes and a new dessert spot in the city?  Get yourself in a flipping good mood as you read this..That’s right, South Bombay gets a new midnight dessert bar called 99 Pancakes at Fort (Kala Ghoda). This dessert cafe is devoted to perfecting the combination of mini dutch pancakes, french crepes and giant shakes, served in different flavors and toppings. Their dessert options are a foodie’s dream, with the modern presentation every bit as impressive as the flavors within. Soft, fluffy and delicious, we’re totally in love with them. If you fancy a little weekend pancake action, here’s where you will find the top dessert pancakes in SoBo!

About 99 Pancakes and more..

Unsurprisingly for a restaurant/cafe dedicated entirely to pancakes, 99 pancakes has very, very long queues of hungry pancake and dessert lovers without any fail. As you enter the Kala Ghoda lane, this fully lit up small dessert joint was hiding in the lane opposite to Ayubs! On a busy friday night (12 midnight) and to our surprise there was no place to sit at all. But nevertheless, this 100% eggless dessert café is slowly becoming a solid favorite in the city! And we have all the details of what to get and what to skip

You can thank us later!

Soft, Fluffy and Delicious..

This exceptionally new pancake parlour is serving two varieties of pancakes – Holland pancakes which are mini, soft and fluffy dutch babies, and French crepes.Each of these are served in different combinations and flavors to name a few – maple syrup butter pancakes, holla nutella pancakes (BEST), mango mania, strawberries with whipped cream, pancakes with chocolate truffle and more. You can also add your own extra toppings. But do not miss the mini dutch babies topped with cream cheese called Jelly Berry …it’s one of our favorite.The French pancakes {crepes} are served in flavors like  for caramel bonaffee, nutella, Belgian chocolate with brownie chunks, mango, strawberry and more starting at INR 150 onwards.

King-sized Shakes!

They also serve thick shakes but we highly recommend the crazy nutella (it’s the best). They also serve snowflakes (ice-creame), DIY pancakes and a wide array of pastries, desserts and cakes from Happiness Deli.


They open bright and early and serve fantastic tea and coffee too just in case.


Vibe:  So we’re saying that this new only desserts and pancake focused dessert shop is a great spot for latenight dessert craving. A place for any and every. They also do other desserts, pastries and snow flake ice creams. Open till midnight over the weekends. A must go dessert cafe in SoBo.

To Get: French crepes and Holland pancakes in your favorite toppings. Recommend : Holla Nutella, Red Riding Hood and Jelly Berry.Crazy Nutella among the King Kong shakes is worth a try.

To Skip: Dessert and pastries as they look a duplicate versions of artisan desserts.

The Urban Vibe reviewers dine anonymously and pay for their meals in full. 

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