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Delivery Kitchen Review- Late-Night North Indian Fare at Pocket friendly prices delivered by Indizza Delivery Kitchen

Delivery Kitchen Review- Late-Night North Indian Fare at Pocket friendly prices delivered by Indizza Delivery Kitchen

No matter what your budget and style is Mumbai has a lot of Indian restaurants and food joints is sure to entice you for late night eating. From authentic dishes to Punjabi-grilled meats worth queuing for Mumbai shelters a lot of restaurants, joints and now even delivery kitchens dishing out classic Mughal food to modern interpretations Indian cuisine.


Indizza – The Delivery Kitchen

A delivery kitchen which operates from Worli, has been serving reasonably priced North Indian fare to a lot of townies since the past one year.

Indizza is just an year old North Indian focused delivery kitchen in Lower Parel serving piping hot food to South Mumbai up till Prabhadevi at even on weekend (Friday – Saturday).The reason behind the name Indizaa is because the restaurant co-founders at the time of its inception aimed to offer Indian and Italian cuisines (Indian + Pizza). They still have the pizza planning going on, but it’s on hold at the moment as they choose to focus on one thing at a time. While we wait for them to start serving their Pizza’s, we’d like to share our know-how on their Indian fare.

Typically Indian in nature this delivery service hands out real good quality Indian Food in generous portions at a very reasonable price. We bet on this. So basically its restaurant class food (better then Copper Chimney/ Zaffran) which is freshly made after you place the order and is delivered hot.

From the Menu

The menu offers a lot of options and it’s for any and every. Their menu comprises of a long list of Veg – Non- Veg Starters, Gravy, Rolls, Biryani and Dal-Khichdi. Their Appetizers are excellent, if your ordering any gravies make sure to specify if you like it sweet or spicy as a few of their gravies were on the sweeter side but it dint bother us at all.

Also, they take about 40 minutes to deliver post taking the order (Remember everything’s freshly made just for you) and its well-packed in plastic boxes which remained spill-free. The food arrives in microwavable plastic containers and disposable cutlery, with enough quantity to serve two out of a single order.


What we think

The food was incredibly satisfying with fresh ingredients, authenticity on-point, and absence of food colorings, no preservatives or added sugars. One of the most sought after kitchens for take away and Indian food delivery in the area post

The breads dontt get chewy eve after an hour or so, they aced that bit but the gravies can get extra sweet and oily so we advise you to order with your preferences as they are pretty flexible to make something with minimum oil and other specifications.

The Biryani’s and Khichdis on the menu are the most recommended by the owner Milin Gandhi. They come in good quantity aswell so you can ditch your ghar ka dabba at office and share this with your colleagues.

We’re putting Indizza on our list for late nights munchies when we just want good quality- value for money meal, and you should too.

Make sure to order their Appetizers they are sooo good, you can bless us later!

Must Try: Bharwan Mushroom Tikka, Paneer Makhani (Sweet + Spicy), Veg Shahjani Biryani.

Meal For Two: Rs 350 (inclusive of taxes and delivery)

The meal was sponsored by the kitchen.

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