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#Mumbai: LIVitup, A New Over-the-Counter Hangover Cure That Will Let You Party Smart | The Urban Vibe

#Mumbai: LIVitup, A New Over-the-Counter Hangover Cure That Will Let You Party Smart | The Urban Vibe

unnamedPounding headache? Queasy stomach? A strong craving for greasy food? Sounds like someone had a little bit oo much to drink last night (hey, no judgment!). Before reaching for your standard hangover remedy (coffee or eggs, hair of the dog, sports drink), you may be curious about the hangover relief products on the market. Each contains a different concoction of vitamins, nutrients, and even over-the-counter medicines to potentially soothe hangover symptoms. But more often than not, these remedies fail and we lose an entire Sunday curled into the fetal position while our lives flash before our eyes, getting up only to pay homage to the porcelain god.

While doctors insist the only real way to prevent a hangover is to abstain or drink in moderation (with plenty of water in between drinks or maybe lemon to the rescue?) but we all know it’s a myth, it doesn’t really help.

Here, get the buzz on one of our recent finds to hangover remedy product called LIVitup; you may be tempted to buy before an epic night out.


 LIVitup! is the World’s first Ayurvedic hangover cure that doubles up as a long term liver protector. The product comes in super fun packaging, is very very effective and is targeted at the younger fun loving Indians (exactly the people that come to some of your locations). The product is completely FDA approved and is an OTC product – allowing it to be marketed and sold anywhere. Over the last 1.5 months we have worked with more than 25 bars and more than 6,000 people across the city have used our product with superb feedback (most say its much better than any other product in the market – you can see the feedback on our Facebook page)

Who are they ?

It was quite strange for us when we actually heard about them. Questions like.. Do these really help?What if they have any side effects? What if it puts me to sleep while work? Ahhhh we got something to tell you

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products business founded by a family with 150 years of Ayurvedic heritage. Over the last 150 years, family members have passed down formulations from generation to generation and treated thousands of patients in the process. Today, the company owns 96 FDA approved formulations for Ayurvedic proprietary medicine all manufactured in-house. 

 Ayuveda Is My Jam

At Dr. Vaidya’s we are looking to revolutionise the way Ayurvedic products are marketed. We aim to create new age products that make Ayurveda cool, sexy, fun and aspirational for the modern consumer in a form that is appealing and convenient: the goodness of Chyawanprash in a capsule form for adults, & gummy bear form for kids. And for the fun-loving, high-living party animals, we plan to introduce an amazing Ayurvedic hangover pill.  These are just a few of the many products we aim to launch to give this traditional science a modern twist.

Party Smartly

We just got another reason to celebrate this holiday season; a new hangover pill hits drugstores. Don’t get your hopes up The only way to avoid a pounding head and queasiness the morning after a heavy night or parties where these flowing alcohol, is to drink in moderation, or to stay away from alcohol entirely. But it’s often easy to overindulge.So we have LIVitup.


Alternating your drinks with water or another nonalcoholic beverage can help you slow down and stay hydrated. If you still wind up with a hangover, you may be inclined to try one of the many supposedly tried-and-true remedies.
However, traditional hangover remedies are often ineffective, and some of them may actually make you feel worse.

Some traditional hangover remedies here 

You can check out their Facebook page here or check out their website for more

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