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New York Burrito Company – The Absolute Best Burrito in Mumbai | #TheUrbanFood

New York Burrito Company – The Absolute Best Burrito in Mumbai | #TheUrbanFood

If you are feeling nostalgia in opposition to Chipotle Mexican Grill every time you travel the United States, you’re going to instantly fall in love with this new eatery. We almost did too! This cute little QSR has nearly gotten the closest to Burritos from Chipotle Mexican Grill (U.S.A). As we all know, this city already has tons of restaurants, cafes and even small food joints trying to get the Mexican Burrito right but what they don’t succeed in it is replicating the same taste, texture and flavors. Which is due to lack in the availability of the fresh ingredients like their chilies, sauces, spices and off-course the Indian Avocados are no any great either. But NYBC is not to be missed.

All about New York Burrito Company


New York Burrito Company at Chowpatty

If you’re the mood for authentic Mexican cuisine and don’t know where to go? Stop by this newly opened New York Burrito Company, next to the popular Café Ideal at Chowpatty.

NYBC is 100% vegetarian, in –house and authentic. They dish out some authentic and freshly Burritos, Mexican Bowls, Tacos, Quesadillas & a lot more for a delicious meal!  Think of Nachos made with loads of pepper jack cheese!!! The recipes are created by Chef Delio Armin Puerto Ceballos who flag down from Mexico himself and will b in India till they fruitfully open a few more outlets and get it right.

Why you should go?

In the mood for authentic Mexican cuisine? Looking for healthy vegan options in the city? Or if you simply love Guacamole as much as we do…. Then this place is just perfect. New York Burrito Company swears by serving authentic, healthy and freshly made Mexican fare.  It runs on a local – produce concept, everything they serve is in-house and made with natural ingredients with absolutely no sign of preservatives. Not only that they import their Avacados and there’s no extra charge for it in your Mexican bowl or Burrito.

Food & Drinks

Isn’t it fun to see whats cooking in there? Sometimes making your own sandwich or picking  youre veggies, sauces and also is the quantity you like is fun ….The menu here includes a DIY Burrito of your own with a step by step guide that lets you to pick and choose between Jain and Non-Jain options for Vegetarians. Apart from the hearty and healthy Burritos or Mexican bowls, they also have Nachos, Tacos, Quesadillas and Mexican Creamy Potatoes on the menu (which is less fried and remade using an Air-Fryer).

What we loved the most  is the options for the mains which is just not Paneer dominated and has a lot of options for the Vegetarians …it lets you have tasty options like Mushrooms (one of our favorites), Tex-Mex Veggies, Soybean, Potatoes and more, with choices of white rice (Jain) or brown wheat rice (Non-Jain). They also offer two kinds of beans to go with as well – Pinto Bean and Black Bean, along with a cheese sauce which is again the pepper jack cheese common for both Jain and Non-Jain options.

Not many options to drink except, they have something called a Dragon Fruit Lemonade and a couple of soft drinks! Sad one for no desserts. We really wish they did some Churros as a dessert option too..


Getting there:

 Fulchand Niwas, Shop 1, Ground Floor, Plot 25-B, Dr. N A Purandare Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai



Food: Authentic and full marks for the flavors and Gauc

Price: Decently priced for the quality of food. (600 for two)

Vibe: Warm and friendly staff

#TheUrbanVibeTip :  Make sure you go early and enjoy the fresh made Guacamole before its over….Also if you’re craving for some yummy Spanish desserts? There’s Toro Churro just down the street –  serving some great Spanish churros.



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