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#NewOpeningAlert Mumbai’s newest community restaurant & bar – The Bandra Project opened this week and you must go!

#NewOpeningAlert Mumbai’s newest community restaurant & bar – The Bandra Project opened this week and you must go!

The Bandra Project

Pizza Express, the international chain of pizzerias all over India recently launched the first of its hyperlocal dining ventures called The Bandra Project, in Bandra on Monday, July 17.  Gourmet Investments, which brought the brand to India in 2012 through a partnership arrangement, plans to revamp all existing and upcoming outlets through a series of hyperlocal experiences and bigger outlet formats going up to 6,000 square feet in Mumbai besides expansion in Pune and Bengaluru.

Vibe and Décor

The interiors of the 124-cover restaurant and bar in Bnadra which will also serve as an art and culture venue, have been fashioned by architecture firm Urban Studio and design studio The Busride. Much like the shaded neighbourhood, tones of green and grey adorn the restaurant’s walls. Ayaz Basrai’s art projections reminded us of Bandra’s graffitied walls, the cane and brass furniture evoked a colonial charm, and the lotus pond—located at the rear end—brought home memories of the sea. The Bandra outlet talks a lot about the Bandra vibe, culture and art. A lot of celebrities living around Bandra- Pali have been promoting The Bandra Project . The decor has glimpses of Portuguese culture, intrinsic to Bandra, in the form of stone walls, street art on coasters, aprons and the entrance, as an ode to the abundant street artists of this area and so on.


Famous Jazz covers of pop songs – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles), Payphone (Maroon 5), Let It Go (Passenger), Mercy (Duffy), and the like resonate with Bandra’s relaxed lifestyle.

1 Down 17 More To Go

The Bandra Project is one of the first of the 18 ‘projects’ that are about to come up in a year or so. “Each of these is inspired by the locality it is housed in. So the Palladium branch will be inspired by high fashion, the Colaba and Khar outlets will have influences of the club culture and so on,” shares Mittal. This restaurant therefore has several East Indian influences in their dishes, like local bottle masala spiced prawns on toasted ragi pancakes.

In Mumbai, the outlets will be rolled out in Bandra, Kurla, Palladium, Khar and Kamla Mills.


Something you should know

With a menu that changes every three months and an ever-evolving decor, we are only excited about what’s coming next on our plate and area. Keep an eye out for the next project, which might just spring up in your own neighborhood. We’d go here for the local vibe; if nothing else, the pizza will always be good.

The restaurant opened to public on July 17, 2017. Review out soon! Stay tuned for an exclusive preview.

Address: C – 534A, Ground Floor, HSBC Bank Building, Pali Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. Tel: 022-62506800

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