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#POWAI Sun shines in the new sandwich heaven that has newly opened up at Heera Panna Mall in Powai #TheUrbanHealth

#POWAI Sun shines in the new sandwich heaven that has newly opened up at Heera Panna Mall in Powai #TheUrbanHealth

Hey to all the office goers and health geeks out there! There’s a new Sandwich heaven in Powai with flavors from all over the world and literally freshness in every bite!

Konichiwa from SanDoitchi! Sun shines in the new sandwich heaven that has newly opened up at Heera Panna Mall in Powai. This diaphanous two-storied eatery is going to be every sandwich lover’s para-para-paradise, it is an extensive space with it being a 100 seaterKrishna Parekh, 22 an entrepreneur is like Tin-Tin on an adventure, who has brought in his trunk, flavors from all around the world back to India. His jubilant venture is a synthesis of the flavors from Mexico, Italy, Lebanon and Asia to make up the new sandwich haven.

What’s on the menu :

Along with their sandwiches they also have on the menu, Teppanyaki mixes made with rice or noodles and the Burrito Bowl. Even their delicious sides will make your money and cheat days totally worth it. The Healthy Salads they serve are perfect to get the fitness motivation going. They also offer Thick Shakes, Refreshing Drinks and Chilled Bottomless that will make you reminiscence your childhood days. You can even get high on sugar rush with their decadent desserts.The Doitchis, Teppanyaki, Cheesy Snacks, Baked Desserts and Beverages come with a promise of not disappointing and not burning a hole in your pocket.

The concept is new and fun. It’s absolutely fun choosing your very own fresh ingredients that would go between those hot, fresh breads. SanDoitchi is synonymous to freshness – The breads are as fresh as they can be, since they are made in-house everyday with wholesome ingredients, they are also eggless and gluten free with no preservatives. The breads are made from scratch, right from the dough till the time it’s baked and out of the oven, the whole process is done right there. The vegetables and ingredients used are locally sourced. They even make their sauces in-house.

Why you should visit:

Visit for your breakfast run, a fun snack or any other meal fix, as the bread  bakes and the ingredients are being prepped, don’t just wait and drool, come take a bite of freshness, only at SanDoitchi.



Address- G/34, Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Powai,, Hiranandani Graden, Mumbai.

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