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Mumbai’s Stock Exchange themed bar : The Bar Stock Exchange takes over Shivaji Park, Dadar soon| The Urban Vibe

Mumbai’s Stock Exchange themed bar : The Bar Stock Exchange takes over Shivaji Park, Dadar soon| The Urban Vibe


Prices of the drinks rise and fall according to supply and demand at this bar! Saasta Daaru??? 

The City is abuzz with new openings at the moment and we can’t really keep up with the new bars and restaurants sprouting everyday.  As this never ending list goes on we hear that The Bar Stock Exchange is opening soon at Shivaji Park.

This may be the one market where every trader is rooting for a crash. At the stock exchange, drink prices swing up and down according to supply and demand, sending thirsty City workers on a roller-coaster ride in their hunt for the best-priced bender.

The Bar Stock Exchange as we all know is a Stock Market pricing system designed to increase profit, attract patrons, and create an exciting and dynamic environment. It’s easy, just purchase a drink featured on the TV Display and watch the prices change!

The bar has complete control over the pricing parameters but its fun, cheap and perfect post work.


hotel-amigo-dadar-west-mumbai-2db93 (1)

On the cadel road side of Shivaji Park on the Ground floor of Hotel Amigo was Masala Zone – which was a decent spot for North Indian in Shivaji Park ever since Nebula shut down. Masalazone was loved for its Indian food, quantity and off course they did the best Biryani ever. The restaurant Masalazone at Hotel Amigo has shut down – a source confirmed and BSE with a much smaller capacity will open in its place

As Shivaji Park gets a The Bar Stock Exchange and looks like it’s going to get crowded soon but we have a concern here.  A source confirmed an outside management has taken over the spot for now.  No information on the space was given when we asked but the work has been started at the hotel and we hear the owners are looking at launching the BSE, Shivaji Park in April.

What we think

With great bars like Open House, The Beer café, Sizzle House and Terttulia turning up the scene at Shivaji Park, we are definitely bullish about TBSE opening soon.

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