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#ThisWeekend : What To Expect at Rumor – The White Dubai Edition 2 at NSCI Dome, Mumbai

#ThisWeekend : What To Expect at Rumor – The White Dubai Edition 2 at NSCI Dome, Mumbai

The Dubai-based club is bringing the party to Mumbai for the second time.  The first event was held in December 2016 and was a big hit.

Named the World’s Best Club in 2016 wasn’t enough for WHITE Dubai and now the exclusive nightlife hot spot will be hosting an incredible night at Mumbai’s NSCI DOME



With the highly anticipated event coming closer, we have collated a few things one can expect to witness at the best club night setup from Dubai to be held in Mumbai.

The World’s Best Club in 2016, White Dubai, has partnered with Rumor Pop Up and Rage Entertainment to host the ultra-fabulous Rumor – The White Dubai Edition II at Mumbai’s NSCI DOME for a night that will be unforgettable. The event will be taking place on the 11th of March and since the countdown to the big day has begun, we’re giving you a list of what you can look forward to at the event.

  1. Theme – “Deep Waters”will be the theme for the night and expect the nautical theme to be loud and bold. The performance will also be based on the theme along with props like jelly fish, oysters and everyone’s dream nautical species and mermaids.
  2. Bar Setup and Partners – Everyone enjoys a drink or two to unwind on a Saturday night and what better way to do that than at the best Saturday night outing this month. The event has partnered with Diageo, who represents a few known alcohol brands likeJohnnie Walker, Ciroc, Talisker, Oban and a few more.
  3. A Network of High Profiles – With the event being an invite-only one, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with over 4000 high profile individuals with a huge collective as well as individual net worth. You can’t even imagine the opportunities you’ll end up getting involved into if you know the right time to talk to the right person.
  4. Entertainment – It’s something more than what you can expect out from a nightclub or a dig. Mesmerizing the audience with her vocal talent, singer Diane O Sullivan will lead the show for the evening along with a performance with the crew from White Dubai which includes singers, aerial acts, DJs and more. You won’t have a dull moment for sure!
  5. Amble Space – Don’t worry about getting pushed or stamped. The event is estimated to have over 78 tables set up for the one-night only event and that means one thing, a huge crowd. The venue, as well as the organizers, has made sure that the numbers will be high and quality standards will be even higher for the attendees.

    What we think

    The opportunity to attend a night like this is already one in a million and we guarantee you will not experience something this grand anywhere else. We were there for the first event and we have a lot of expectations from this one. With Rumor Pop Up and Rage Entertainment at the helm of the night, Rumor – The White Dubai Edition II will be the event you need to be at.   

    For more details you can call for more info at +91 9892472795 or inbox Rage Entertainment on their official page for an inquiry.



Article via – Festival Sherpa

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