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This Valentine’s Day Go Peeking Behind the Locked Door At The Amazing Escape | The Urban Vibe

This Valentine’s Day Go Peeking Behind the Locked Door At The Amazing Escape | The Urban Vibe


Love is in the Air and we have something to tell you! Valentine’s Day is all about spending the day with the other half, watching a romantic movie, binging on a candle lit meal, walking hand in hand on the beach – sounds like the ideal date, doesn’t it? This Valentine’s Day, we introduce you to an hour of a contemporary ideal date!

A Romantic Escape

If you find The Mummy to be fascinating, or if you have been obsessed with the Illuminati, you along with your bae can be a part of it! Wondering how? The Amazing Escape has themed rooms that take you to another world for an hour, a world you wouldn’t otherwise have imagined being a part of. If you like thinking like Sherlock or if Narnia is your favourite movie, you get to live in that fantasy world for as long as you are in the room!

Kill The Drill

Now comes the interesting part, once you are in, you get locked in! But no need to worry, you have your Valentine, so you live happily ever after!

Only if that was true! Once you are in, you have to wear your thinking hats, start searching for clues, and escape the room before the timer runs out. The most interesting part, you will be handcuffed with your partner! So you have two minds, two hearts, and two hands to work with. This Valentine’s date is sure get you and your valentine closer!

What We Think

This Valentine’s day take gaming to a whole new level!

So what are you thinking about? Book your slots at The Amazing Escape for this Valentine’Day special and discover if you and your valentine are actually partners in crime, fantasy and detection!

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WHAT: Valentine’s Day Special

WHERE: The Amazing Escape

WHEN: 14th February, Tuesday

TIME: 11:30AM – 10:00PM

PRICE: Rs. 2500 per couple

ADDRESS: The Amazing Escape, Basement, Trade House, Kamala Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

CONTACT: +91 9004242044


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