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The16th Outpost Of Socials #VersovaSocial Opened Last Week And Its Like A Huge Victorian Greenhouse With Cosy Leafy Vibes.

The16th Outpost Of Socials #VersovaSocial Opened Last Week And Its Like A Huge Victorian Greenhouse With Cosy Leafy Vibes.


Versova Social from the far looks like a attractive green building  and is designed to look like a Victorian Greenhouse with a lot of plants. Not to point out the obvious, but it is so, so leafy and green. Right from the fun leafy wallpaper to the entrance or  to the upholstery and the genuine/fake plants on the walls.

Why is Versova Social Soo Green?

It has been inspired from the mangroves in the area (Versova) and also to articulate plantation across the city. Versova somehow has always been green with mangroves around it and that’s what have been the highlight of our experience.

Leafy Vibes


To begin with, it definitely looks bigger than all other Socials in the city, occupying three floors of the building. The first floor is a cozy space, nonetheless easily capable of hosting over 60 people. They have an open work space on the first floor and a terrace on the second. The split levels as well as the courtyards at multiple levels create nooks and cranny, designed for different moods and varied experiences. The first floor has a large, airy indoor space with a bar and a cozy private courtyard garden space. The second floor has an indoor space, which doubles up as the work-space area and a large courtyard along with an open bar.


The interiors have taken casual-classy to a whole new level with the indoors furnished with plush sofas with soft green upholstery, wooden flooring and chandeliers, and the outdoors (working area and the terrace) made to look like a garden restaurant. We loved it and especially the weather enhanced our experience.

The pretty interiors have been done by Faizan Khatri of Studio Eight Twenty Three, who came up with the concept of basing the restaurant’s theme on the mangroves which are a peculiar feature of the area. That is why, the indoor dining area has been decorated with small lush green potted plants fitted into the walls. Like any other Socials, this one also has a small shop which sells some of their signature and funky glasses and plates – Social Maal.

Food & Drinks

There are two bars- one on the first floor in the enclosed dining area and a smaller one on the terrace, and they both serve all of their signature cocktails like coke and cane, LLIIT, Mick Jaggery, Cosmo Explosion, etc. The food menu pretty much remains the same but this time they have a few signature dishes and kebabs from the Delhi Socials.

With the 16th outlet, they also launched the Social House Wine. Versova Social set the mood going with a beautiful sunset, a new menu, groovy music and unique interiors.

What we are saying..

If you live in Andheri/Versova think it’s the best upgrade to the existing bars and restaurants. No more traveling to Bandra/Khar/Juhu. Andheri peeps finally got their own chilling spot AND ITS PRETTY GOOD LOOKING TOO!

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